List of travel agency service fee (indicative)

🌟 Travel Services Price List 🌟

At Travelurgent Smartpoint, we are committed to providing seamless travel experiences tailored to your preferences. Below is our transparent pricing structure for the various services we offer:

1. Taxi Arrangement

  • Arrangement Fee: €15
  • Trip Costs: Varies Description: We facilitate taxi reservations and provide relevant details for pick-up at airports, hotels, or any preferred location. After payment confirmation, all information is efficiently shared digitally via email or WhatsApp.

2. Flight Reservation

  • Arrangement Fee: €40
  • Flight Costs & VAT: Varies Description: Tailored flight reservations based on your destination and preferences. We cover essential details like itinerary, visa requirements, layovers, and luggage. After payment confirmation, all flight information is shared digitally for your convenience.

3. Hotel Arrangement

  • Arrangement Fee: €30
  • Hotel Costs & VAT: Varies Description: Choose your preferred hotel, and leave the rest to us. We handle reservations, confirmations, room details, check-in/out, breakfast, and airport shuttle services. All information is shared digitally after payment confirmation.

4. Changes to Flight or Hotel Arrangement

  • Fee: €25 (Only on request and subject to availability)

5. Cancellation Fee for Flight or Hotel

  • Fee: €125 (Exclusive of flight or hotel cancellation fees, when applicable)

6. Insurance Arrangement

  • Arrangement Fee: €30 Description: We assist in securing comprehensive travel insurance coverage, including medical emergencies, trip cancellations, lost baggage, and more. After payment confirmation, all relevant insurance details are shared digitally.

Important Notes:

  • "Groups" refer to individuals traveling together with an appointed leader.
  • Handling fees are not subject to refunds, even in cases of changes or cancellations due to customer, transportation, or airline circumstances.
  • Accommodation for consecutive nights at one hotel/place is considered a single arrangement.
  • All fees may be inclusive of goods and services tax (GST).

For a worry-free travel experience, choose [Travelurgent Smartpoint]. Let us handle the details while you focus on creating unforgettable memories!

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